Bambu Indah: Bali, Indonesia

The Java houses at Bambu Indah are built of teak timbers and are more than 100 years old.

The Canadian-born jewelry designer John Hardy and his American wife, Cynthia, opened Bambu Indah — or “beautiful bamboo” in Balinese — after selling their company, John Hardy, in 2007. The longtime Bali residents turned four transplanted Java houses (each the former residence of a Javanese nobleman and each more than 100 years old) into a rustic retreat on land adjacent to their own ironwood treehouse along the Sayan Ridge in Bali’s bucolic center.

Minutes downriver from Ubud’s most decadent resorts, Bambu Indah’s riverfront compound looks out at the stunning cascades of the Ayung River, rice fields, a Hindu temple called Pura Dalem Gede Bongkasa and, beyond, the multiple volcanic ridges surrounding Mount Batu Kau.